Find Your Truth: Do the Work that Matters Most

me little emailCongratulations, you’re about to be awesome.

Hi, I’m J D Yoder. I’m an author, recovering neuroscientist, investor, and motivational pessimist. Here, you’ll find my latest work, great methods for building the life you deserve, and systems to discover your work that matters most. I’m here to help you grow into the most-awesome version of YOU there is.

Welcome to my lab.

Through the development of daily rituals and new behaviors you can transform the life you live now to the one you really want. There’s no magic formula, just a few tweaks in the right places, with the right cues, and the right rewards.

I’ll show you how to find your work that matters most (the work you were born to do). Then I will show you how to be awesome and grow your work. This is a small business site with a twist.

I believe in these three major principles and they guide the direction of everything here:

  1. Ship art– Do your best at everything you create, no matter what that is. Your effort will trickle-down in ways you can’t imagine.
  2. Do the work that matters most– True happiness is only possible when your work is more than a ‘job,’ when WHAT you do is part of WHO you are.
  3. Live simple– Simple living means something different for everyone. The core premise is that you reduce your burdens as much as possible, which will increase your quality of life tenfold.

It’s estimated that 1/3 (or 100,000,000) of Americans (and probably most other citizens) feel unfulfilled and lost with their current work. It’s time to change YOUR statistic. It’s time to do the work that matters most.

Thank you for taking the first steps to grow. I promise that I’ll never take your attention for granted and I’m excited to hear from you. To find out what I’m up to, please click on my blog.

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In your service,

J D Yoder