About J D Yoder

IMG_1977J D Yoder is an author, entrepreneur, investor, and ‘recovering’ neuroscientist. He takes his obsession for all things physical and psychological and crafts books to help build a better you.

As a life-long student of the mind, J D brings you along on his journey as he studies different ‘hacks’ to help you grow and become a better person–inside and out. J D uses himself as a ‘guinea pig’ to test the latest (and some of the oldest) theories and practices for improving the mind, body, soul, and wallet. His slightly-irreverent, ‘motivational-pessimist’ style is sure to keep you engaged.

In his ‘spare’ time J D can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and son, walking his dog (deep in thought for the next project), practicing karate, or tinkering in his garage ‘laboratory.’

Inside his work you’ll find:

  • How to discover your work that matters most
  • How to live a simpler, yet more-fulfilling life
  • How to stop goal setting and start living on a theme
  • How to dust yourself off, even in the toughest times
  • How to rewrite your life and find your purpose
  • How to find your truth

Please join J D and check out his other books here. This work may help with your own journey, wherever life takes you. His books are deliberately short, easy to read, and quick to implement.

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